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  • Luxury sandals that are also sustainable

    Low impact for the earth, high impact for your look.

    Ethically-made and sustainably-sourced, always.

  • Day-to-night sandals, handcrafted in Peru.

    Made from wild rubber, pineapple leaves, and more.

  • A Miami-based brand.

    Our designs are inspired by nature and the Art Deco architecture that defines the city.

  • Step into Summer with our luxury sustainable sandals.

Our guiding principle is this - what's good for the planet is also good for its people.

Fresh from the fjord.

Fish scales upcycled from the fishing industry and minimally processed into leather with geothermal energy. 

A new kind of fruit leather.

Pineapple leaves recycled after the pineapple harvest and magically transformed into leather. 

Tapped from trees.

Wild rubber extracted ethically by local tappers supporting their families in the Amazon rainforest. 

Follow us every step of the way.